[ExI] Life extension - but what about Alzheimer's?

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Sat Mar 9 20:58:11 UTC 2019

While I would always encourage everyone to stay mentally active, there are
real biological mechanisms of aging you are up against in addition to
specific pathologies with dementia/AD.

There are two areas that are worth pursuing in the near term for those
comfortable enough to self experiment to fight the march of time.  The
preliminary evidence is there to point the way forward, but we are unlikely
to have large scale trials to confirm in humans any time soon.

The first area is mTOR inhibitors which in oversimplified terms are anti
growth agents with a host of potentially positive effects on aging.  You
can get some of these effects with relatively severe caloric restriction,
but there are two pharmaceutical agents that target mTOR, are arguably
safe, and available:  rapamycin (mTOR actually stands for mammalian target
of rapamycin) and metformin.  There is a lot of interest in mTOR inhibitors
as general longevity agents, but there is also accumulating evidence that
AD is related to chronic cerebral vascularization issues and that rapamycin
in particular may help maintain the integrity of the blood brain barrier
and provide other positive AD preventative effects.

The second area is senolytics which help with removing senescent (zombie)
cells.  Unfortunately, the most effective combination currently available
is hard to replicate on your own and consists of a chemotherapy agent,
dasatinib, combined with quercetin (a supplement).  Fisetin is an available
supplement with strong senolytic activity on its own but dosing to achieve
this in humans is still a question mark.

Anyways, I firmly believe a combination of these two approaches started
early enough is going to end up demonstrating very strong antiaging / AD
effects in humans based on the accumulating evidence in the literature.

If anyone is interested in further discussion on either area, I can provide
some references from the literature to get you started, but googling will
also lead you down the same rabbit hole.

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> >...The best "cure" for Alzheimer's is to stay mentally active, even into
> one's elder years.  This is something that many people are unwilling to
> contemplate - they want to just be idle and cared for.  But the body is
> designed to be used; going totally idle for months or years (possibly even
> weeks) means you're no longer contributing, and your body starts shutting
> down.  Adrian
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> I have suspected this for a long time.  If one has been bed sick for even a
> week, that has a very noticeable impact on muscle strength.  Muscles and
> brains must be used to stay with the program.
> I have the notion that if we can get good enough immersive reality software
> and virtual reality software, we can keep older peoples' minds active and
> functional longer.
> spike
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