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>…Sometimes [ok, always!] I worry about this civilization. "Advertising company wants to build mind-reading machine so they can charge a premium rate for extremely targeted advertising" …



Some of you internet hipsters please offer a take on this.


Last spring, I was with my family on a road trip.  We have a mobile hotspot on my phone; my son was using it to do some internet game.  We stopped for fuel at the Columbia River Gorge where they have installed all those wind turbines.  At the fuel stop, I noticed the zipper had broken on my hoodie, and asked my bride if it was easily fixable, or perhaps I would just buy a new one, since hoodies don’t cost much.  At that same gas stop, I pointed out the wind turbines and explained to my son how they work.


We drove on to our campground.  I logged on to the internet.  The side panels of my sites were filled with advertisements which they always are, but these were for… hoodies and wind turbine parts.


I don’t recall ever, before or since, getting advertisements for wind turbine parts.  I might have at some point gotten advertisements for hoodies and not noticed.  But those wind turbine parts caught my attention.


Could it be there is something on that phone listening, doing speech to text and marketing to me already?


If so, oh that is so damn creepy wicked cool, I am really really pissed I didn’t think of it first.



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