[ExI] what the hell was i thinking?

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On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 9:19 AM <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
>> ...This is, in my view, the message of libertarianism: support authority
but watch them closely.

>...Where do you get this from?  Your analogy makes no mention of
libertarianism until this line, but what I've read of libertarianism
suggests "support authority" is kind of the opposite of what they do.
(It can sometimes be hard to discern them from complete anarchists, but
libertarians at least acknowledge the existence of common goods that you
need some community agency to handle.  That said, they support a lot less
authority than there is today.)

Ja this is my idealized view of libertarianism, but I claim that we all hold
an idealized view or a personalized view of our favorite party or
philosophy.  In my view, if the US federal government did exactly what it
says in the constitution as written, then the states would do the heavy
lifting and competition with each other would keep them sane.  

Reasoning: states can offer as much as they want, but if they do, they must
somehow find the money to do that.  The state of New York is a poster-child
example: one of their representatives chased away billions of tax revenue
from Amazon.  Now we will get to see how they want to deal with it.


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