[ExI] elite college bribery scandal

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 23:31:10 UTC 2019

I heard one applicant claimed to have played marco polo, or maybe it was
water polo, in high school because it would help him get into an elite
college when in fact he did not play that game and used his time doing
other things. What I don't understand is the relevance between playing a
kid's game in a pool and the ability to do well at a world class institute
of higher learning. To my mind accepting a real water polo player who was
poor in academics but rejecting another with better test scores because he
didn't  play marco polo is also scandalous and is far more common.

And it makes no economic sense, at least accepting the top football player
and letting him in for free will make a ton of money for his college and
the for the TV networks that broadcast the games, so it doesn't  matter how
dumb he is and it doesn't even matter if he graduates, but there is no big
money in water polo. Of course the football player really didn't get in for
free, he paid for his "education" (in Sandbox 101 and similar courses) with
bits of his brain.

 John K Clark
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