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> Have you ever noticed that women are rarely silly?  They have been regarded so by men, just to put them down, but most silliness, not to mention obsession with sex jokes, sex content, sex anything, is instigated by men? 

I believe that’s more a reflection of a patriarchal culture than of something essential about being a female or being a woman. (That said, what’s silly probably varies from person to person and time to time, though I’m thinking the overall idea that one gender (or sex) can be more silly than the other seems to reveal one gender is allowed to be more silly rather than has some essence or nature that makes them more silly. In other words, women are expected to be prim and proper. This is no different than how in a highly stratified class society, the lower orders are expected to behave and the higher orders usually have much more freedom to misbehave.)

> Who acts silly with grandchildren?  Men,  Dogs?  Men, and so on.  Exceptions exist, but think of men's clubs:  Jackie Gleason's club on The Honeymooners;  silly hats and other outfits.  Women just don't do these things.  They laugh at their men and call them little boys, which for some of their behavior isn't far off at all.  Sports heroes (think of that word) are given statues as if they had won foreign wars.  And so on.  

See above. 

> And maybe it's a good thing, though as usual with men, it's often carried to far.  And maybe there is a tie-in with creativity - men more creative (OK women, fight back on this one).  

I think it’s more correct to say men are _perceived_ as more creative than women. And I think, again, a patriarchal culture reinforces this: creative women are often treated as abnormal, as outliers — whereas creative men are not treated that way.


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