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>…(Thanks to Spike for mitigating my double posting anxieties)



Unlike the old days where we used paper and stamps, we are not being charged by the post.  Since internet protocol began to evolve, new and better solutions to archive clutter have been found (search engines have advanced dramatically.)  Note that in the days when ExI-Chat was born, most people had 55K dialup modems and 40meg external drives (if you were lucky, 20 if you were a hapless non-geek) and if you are too young to know what I am talking about, count yourself lucky.


In light of more recent developments, I encourage periodic re-evaluation of all tradition and protocol, in all areas of our lives, including religion, politics, internet, everything.


I don’t even see any reason why we should disallow one-line wisecracks, so long as they are both funny and wise.



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