[ExI] Autophagy and Aging

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat May 4 22:32:58 UTC 2019

mark M wrote:

>  Very interesting!
> Are there any negative side effects Stuart? 

There are a couple but only for the first couple of fasting days.  
Mostly just hunger pangs and a headache from low blood sugar. But  
these symptoms subsided for me by the time my first eating day rolled  
around and my second fasting day was much easier. The best way to get  
through the hunger pangs is to remind oneself how rare it is to feel  
true hunger in the industrialized world these days and savor the  
feeling as hearkening back to more primitive days. Eating pure fat  
will help the hunger pangs, aspirin or acetominophen will help the  
headache. Drink lots of water and get a lot of rest the first day.  
Sleeping is a good way to fast without trying. Eat a tablespoon of  
pure fat before bed, if you have trouble sleeping.

The only other side effect of note was diarrhea on fast days due to  
eating too much fat which I solved by drinking a tablespoon of pure  
psyllium husks in a tall glass of water. This is only a short-term  
problem in my experience because as your body adjusts to the rythm,  
you will feel less hungry on fast days (and non fast days) so you  
won't eat as much pure fat on your fast days as when you first start.

Also I would caution against depleting all of ones electrolytes on  
fasting days so supplement with high potassium foods on eating days  
and salting your food. Additional supplementation of electrolytes by  
dissolving sodium chloride and potassium chloride (NoSalt salt  
substitute) in water will help avoid cramping on high temperature  
fasting days or if you sweat a lot.

That's pretty much it.

Stuart LaForge

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