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>…How one frames these questions and who gets asked plays a big role in what kind of scary answer you get…


Think of some questions that could be asked to us.  Just imagine some of the scary answers could come out.


>… merely myopically focusing on who's in the Oval Office now is most of the problem. …Dan


Ja I have often considered it nearly irrelevant and getting moreso.  The US legal system is so well established with our congress known to be out campaigning rather than modifying law in even years makes it unlikely that major change to the system will happen until the federal government can no longer pay its bills.


We have seen congress and the executive cancel each other, while business prospers like never before.  Now the precedent has been set: regardless of who gets elected where, we have seen the development of the tools for the legal system to be used as a weapon for both sides against the other, effectively nullifying government.  Now it just doesn’t much matter which party is running what.




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