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> *> The most important point I was trying to make in the comment was that
>> the set of lies that a society tells itself changes all the time but the
>> lying jerks that make them up stay the same, and they always flock to
>> places of power.*
> A cynic who believes all leaders are basically the same lying jerk has
> something in common with a very naive person who believes all leaders are
> truthful and equally virtuous, neither bothers to examine the evidence. But
> I'm a fan of the scientific method and that's why I'm a skeptic but not a
> cynic.

### No, not all leaders are the same lying jerks, but the same lying jerks
always flock to power, no matter what specific lies they spout. In general,
leaders of movements that rely on more and bigger lies have to lie more
than the leaders of movements that rely on fewer lies.

If you want which politician is a bigger jerk, find out the truth values of
the propositions they entertain on their path to power. For example, a
movement which perpetuates the lie that hostile immigration is good for a
country is likely to have a lying jerk as its leader.
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