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it is only a matter of time before a machine can do your job, whatever it is, better than you can. john clark


This assumes that AIs will become as creative and original as people.  It will take that to be a good teacher at an advanced level.  Yes, presenting facts is easy.  But thinking outside the box (excuse the trite cliche') is what separates good teachers from superior ones.  And as for grading essay tests, well.......far in the future.


But if you are right then there are no jobs for anyone.


bill w



BillW, I invite you to look around in Khan Academy.  It’s online, it’s free:




Go ahead, dig around in there.  Never mind all the traditional models of grading and finding ways to do accreditation and all the stuff schools have always done.  Look at what is now available free for anyone anywhere in the world, and consider the places in the world taking the most advantage of it: those places which have struggled to provide adequate schools and teachers.  Now, perhaps there is a marvelously adequate (and in my opinion superior in many respects) alternative that does not require a school building or teachers.


If a student from India or China or Africa masters everything currently available free in Khan Academy, I would bet on that student in an SAT contest against American public school students.  


I am astonished it took so long to get good educational curricula online, but here it is.









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