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I wouldn't call it creative.  It is not generating something sui generis.
While the results are impressive in terms of play, it is just optimizing
for a global minima in the total space of available moves.  It is a brute
force technique based on learning existing winning play patterns, and
optimizing for it with math.  Its moves may look like the work of a mad
genius from outside, but at its core, it's really just a few equations that
have been optimized for using training data.

I would not define anything that we have seen out of deep learning so far
as intelligent.   The AI opponent doesn't have any meta view into the
game.  It's given a goal and optimizes for it using linear
alegbra/calculus/monte carlo techniques.

This is a good overview that they were kind enough to share.

This gets into the details:

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 3:01 PM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> chess programs got to where they were just as creative, imaginative,
> artistic and all that as the best humans, in fact… better.  So… apparently
> chess doesn’t require intelligence. spike
> This is preposterous - Why can't what the chess computer is doing be
> intelligent?  Because you define that what it is doing not intelligence.
> It seems really out of step when you consider that chess geniuses are
> generally pretty high IQ people to start with.  I think you just don't want
> to call it intelligent and are wiggling around out of calling it that.  For
> my money, creative, inventive, excellent recall all point to superior
> intelligence.
> Here's an idea:  restrict the chess computer to the memory level of a
> great chess player - even the field.  Recalling millions of games is an
> unfair advantage, it seems to me.
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