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Cialis went from $60 a pill to $3 a pill.


Is this a great country, or what?


bill w



Cool!  A couple yrs ago, I did a cost breakdown, figured out how much it cost per pill for what dose, recognize that it was cheaper (by far) to buy the big bazookas.  Then I bought one of those nifty milligram scales:




For 17 bucks!  Back in the bad old days (1990s) I bought a milligram scale for a lab at work.  To meet the specifications without using an analytic balance (it had to be mobile and fairly robust) we had to go with electromagnetic force compensation.  We paid 4300 bucks for it (owwww) and it was a pain in the ass to calibrate.  Now… this one I bought a year ago for 17 bucks meets the same spec as the one for 4300, and it seems to hold a calibration (according to these calibrated masses.)


OK then.  Life is good.  Now I could buy the big bazookas (my doctor is so nice to me, she never question why I need such things, just wrote out the prescription.)  After experimentation I discovered that about a fifth (or even less) of one of those biggies is more than adequate (I am lucky that way) but the pills are resistant to cutting by design.  So… I finally get to put all that college analytic chemistry knowledge to use (after all this time and wasted tuition) discovered a way to divide the delightful but expensive recreational drug into adequate dosage, and up we go, life is gooooood.


Now the patent has expired, the pills are cheap, all those brains, wasted.  Just tragically wasted.  Now any dumb non-geek can just devour the big bazookas and no worries about the cost.  I will probably now be a dumb non-geek and use those now.  Sigh.  My beleaguered bride shall find no refuge from her persistent mate’s savage pursuit, in an endless quest to slake his insatiable desires.


But there might be a downside to that somewhere.





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