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>>>…Cialis went from $60 a pill to $3 a pill.


Is this a great country, or what?


bill w



>>…Cool!  …Now the patent has expired, the pills are cheap, all those brains, wasted.  Just tragically wasted… spike


>…But spike, what about…


No worries, I discovered a baggy fashion that is very forgiving in that situation, and has as a bonus lotsa pockets for carrying phones and tab computers and things.  It’s really cool: you can use my favorite recreational drug, wear that, escape detection.  


I went to Walmart yesterday looking for those weird people:




I was so disappointed, couldn’t find them.  I was just thinking reporting the place to the BBB for misleading advertisement, when I heard someone say “Look ma, there’s one!”  I turned and saw a hillbilly family pointing at me and taking pictures.  I went down there looking for weird people and they give me me.  You know they are using that as a gimmick to draw in customers.  If you see an annoyed-looking dumb non-geek on peopleofwalmart, that’s me, pondering a lawsuit for false advertising.





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