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 In my mind, we have already established that lying with
regard to sex isn't even really lying, it's... emmmm... you know... it's
what... we humans do when we are trying to coax a mate.  Honest people can
lie in that particular area and still be considered honest.   spike


>…While some men will say anything to get sex, this is a bad idea.  …She is human.  Humans like sex a lot - even women, if you know what to do with them - or care.  There seems to be too many men who just don't care about anything but Mr. Needy.  Wham bam...


bill w



Certainly all that.  In a legal sense in the US, it just works differently than Sweden apparently.


Scenario: woman gets pregnant, sues man for child support.  He claims she told him she was using the pill.  She wasn’t.  Her fault.  (Cue judge peering over glasses.)  Is that the best you can do, young man?  She lied about using the pill?  Now you think you shouldn’t help pay for your child?


He loses.  He pays.


Scenario: woman goes to court claiming he said he was going to use a condom.  He didn’t.  RAPE!  (Cue same judge peering over same glasses.)  Is that the best you can do, young lady?  How about if you marry him first, THEN ask if he plans to use a condom.  


BANG goes the gavel, she loses, case dismissed.


I don’t know how they do it in Sweden, but apparently the Swedes thought the rape case was pretty flimsy already, so they dropped it.  In Britain, ordinarily the bond is set such that if the perp skips, then they don’t really worry about it, because it is set at the maximum fine he was likely to get to start with.  So Julian put up bail and skipped town on a charge the Swedes dropped, and now the US is extraditing him here, where half the political spectrum (or more) wants him dead, to face charges for which his (damn-well guilty of a hundred times greater crime) co-conspirator has already been charged and released, when the crime for which they really want him dead is something for which it is a bit vague is illegal and for which he hasn’t been charged!  (guessing passwords and exploiting the results (which really is only important because it exposed someone else’s wrongdoing.))


How weird is all this?


And yet… we still haven’t talked about an area in which plenty of people here have actual expertise: computer systems administration.  SysAdmin hipsters please: what blame can reasonably fall on the guy who was in charge of that system that was penetrated with such astonishing consequences?   What happens when one is a SysAdmin and somehow the entire server is compromised?  From a legal standpoint, does it matter that the consequences impacted history profoundly?  Why?











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