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Sheesh check this:





>.We would spawn an industry, retrofitting existing toilets: a 3D printed
thing that would fit in the bottom of a standard toilet. etc.  spike




Hey wait I have a better idea.  We might be able to come up with a kind of
device which wouldn't require removal of the toilet to install it.  A rubber
ring would compress enough to go in thru the top, have it on a kind of
flexible wand, down it goes, done.


Wait, even better: a kind of motion detector which would trigger when the
snake diode closed or even if it sensed some goddam thing down there was
trying to sneak past it, coming up for dinner.  It could signal a very loud
warning kinda like those cockpit ground sensor things that go PULL UP WHOOP
WHOOP PULL UP and hey, we could just use that as the warning sound.


We could come up with a cutesy name for it such as GYAOTT, and you don't
even need to offer that it is the acronym for get your ass off that toilet.


The proles would figure it out, and it would become an international word,
since plenty of places in the world have a bigger problem with snakes in the
toilet that we do.


Then there is the after-market.  We could sell a device which would set off
the GYAOTT by remote control.  House guest brother-in-law staying too long,
get him a little stoned, middle of the night, detector indicates he just sat
down, you hit a switch, PULL UP WHOOP WHOOP etc, oh that would be such fun,
a kick in the ass, we will make a buttload on the secondary market alone.



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