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Sheesh check this:




OK cool, so we know snakes can swim underwater, and they can go in pipes,
either direction.  And we know snakes can come up thru the toilet, since
that S curve down there doesn't discourage the slithery bastards one bit.
It is almost like they evolved to swim up the toilet.  We know people keep
snakes for pets and we know how they tend to get rid of them when they get
too big or the owner gets tired of buying them mice.


We know how this thing could really break one's concentration, ja?  Sit
there trying not to think about what might be coming up from below where you
can't really see, and how that thing might really like a nice fat. mouse and
oh dear evolution have mercy.


This gives me a great idea.  I bet we could rig up a snake diode, a kind of
one-way valve or something, that would allow the usual flow down but would
not allow reverse.  Oh we will make a buttload.  


We would spawn an industry, retrofitting existing toilets: a 3D printed
thing that would fit in the bottom of a standard toilet, just an insert that
looks a little like the feathered nozzle on a fighter-jet engine, plastic,
spreads open when stuff goes down, closes when a hungry goddam snake tries
to come back up and eyeball your stuff from below. 




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