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On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 4:25 PM Jeff Davis <jrd1415 at gmail.com> wrote:

*> I'm somewhat puzzled as to what it is about our president that's caused
> you to go all loopy loopy. *

There are 2 things about Trump that make me go all loopy loopy.
#1)Trump strongly disagrees with Richard Feynman's statement

"*reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be

Trump thinks that if he wants something to be true hard enough then it is.
Trump wants his inaugural crowd to be the largest ever so it was. Trump
wants vaccinations to cause autism so it does. Trump wants the climate not
to be changing so it isn't. Trump wants Iran to violate its nuclear treaty
so it has. Trump wants North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to be a existential
threat to the USA so he is. Trump changes his mind and in his own words
"fell in love" with Kim Jong-un so now he's of no threat to anyone.

#2) Trump lies.

All politicians lie from time to time but the machine gun rate the lies
come out of Trump's pie hole in a typical speech is something new.  And
what really makes me mad is he doesn't even think we're worth the time to dream
up a good lie, his lies are transparent and ridiculous and beloved by his
fellow fascists at his Nuremberg style rallies. On April 27 2019 Trump
passed a milestone, on that day he told his 10,000'th lie since becoming

Fact-checking Trump

And far from slowing down the rate is accelerating, during the last seven
months he has told on average 23 lies a day, that works out to one publicly
utter lie every 42 waking minutes. John Lester is a professional bookmaker
at  BookMaker.eu and he set odds that Trump will tell at least 22,500 lies
by election day 2020.  By the way Lester got into trouble recently by
underestimating the number of lies Trump would tell in a recent 8 minute
speech. Lester set the odds at  -145 for more than 3.5 lies and +115 for
less than 3.5 lies. For example if you bet $145  that Trump would lie at
least four times you would win $100. But if turned out Trump told 6 lies
(one lie every 80 seconds) and BookMaker.eu lost $270,000 as a result.

Gamblers Made $270,000 Betting That Trump Would Lie A LOT

> *Lately there's been a bit of hysteria over the possibility -- a low
> probability in my view -- that notwithstanding the 22nd amendment, the
> Trumpinator might want to stick around as the White House resident after
> January 2025. *

Forget January 2025 and think about January 2021.  Even if Trump loses in a
landslide in the 2020 election I would say there is a 40% chance he will
say the election was fake and try to stay in office long after January 2021
and claim he will reschedule a new election at some vague unspecified
future date. And if there is a inverse of the 2016 situation and Trump wins
the popular vote but loses in the Electoral College I think it's virtually
certain he will need to be dragged out of the Oval Office by armed guards.
I don't know if his attempt to become dictator will be successful but even
if he fails it will be ugly, such a power grab will lead to blood literally
flowing in the streets.

*> First, let me say I don't really personally see how that would be a
> problem. Many people consider Franklin Roosevelt to have been a great
> president, so I don't really understand why, except  perhaps out of
> political jealousy, one would want to prematurely terminate a good thing.
> But that's just me.  *

I'm curious, 52% of Republicans say they would be OK with it if Trump
canceled the 2020 election, do you agree with 52% of Republicans?

> * > About eight or so years ago you fiercely declared the impossibility of
> free will. *

I don't think I ever said Free Will is impossible, I said free will is an
idea so bad it's not even wrong. A Perpetual Motion Machine is impossible
but a Klogknee Machine is not impossible, a Klogknee Machine is gibberish
and so is Free Will. Gibberish is neither true nor false, it's just

 > *every spiritual being instinctively recognizes that life itself,
> subjective experience itself, clearly, self-evidently, proves the existence
> of free will.*

I don't agree with that and I don't disagree with it either, I don't know
what the hell it means.

> > *The universe has features that transcend mere logic,*

That must be why you're a Trump fan, I'd be one too but I sorta like logic.

 John K Clark
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