[ExI] Transpersonal Extropianism?

Aaron Force aaronforcedesigns at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 23:56:58 UTC 2019

My name is Aaron Force. I'm 48 years old and live near Seattle, Wa. A few
years ago I unexpectedly underwent a spontaneous spiritual awakening
(ego-transcendence) forever changing my understanding of myself, the
universe, and my role within that universe. I have since developed an
increasing fascination with all things future-oriented for humanity.
However, my most intense passion centers around my own experience of
ego-transcendence and what it could mean not only for other individuals but
for our species as a whole.

Because of the nature of the psychological construction of the ego to have
a strong belief in separation and often putting a personal agenda of one's
own protection and promotion before others or without general regard for
consequences, I propose that the ego is ultimately the source of all
mankind's problems. For instance, if we collectively had the higher
consciousness that ego transcendence brings we would likely not be facing
down the doomsday scenarios of the modern-day.

While I think humanity must absolutely embrace technology I also believe it
is imperative that we equally find advancement in our psychological
capacities, something that The Principles of Extropy / Perpetual Progress
seems to support. It appears to me that as technology increases to the
point of potential existential risk we should have a commensurate degree of
consciousness to have better understanding and wisdom in our actions and in
any potential scenarios that might arise. In other words, it is not all
just about increasing intellect.

While our technological advances are currently spiraling upward it seems
that humanity as a whole is socially and ecologically spiraling downward.
The nature of the ego is that it is unconscious in its operation and always
leads us to less order in life. This is plainly seen in how our blatant
consumerism and drive for profits by producing single-use items or junk
that deteriorates nearly immediately and must be disposed of has led us to
our ecological crisis, for instance.

It is in embracing higher consciousness as a species that we will evolve
higher in all regards. I believe by the expanded consciousness that occurs
outside of the limiting, *un*-conscious ego that we can not only avert
disaster but find a balance of sustainability and eventually push through
to a higher potential than we have ever known.

I have loosely been describing this process to myself as *Transpersonal
Extropianism*, that is, that we can find greater order, complexity, and
energy through the consciousness we access by transcending the self (the
ego). It's been my goal to make this a more public term for my mission ("to
share the vision of TE and empower others by it, that by transcending the
ego we can individually and collectively as a species avoid disaster,
maintain balance and sustainability, and then begin to evolve higher than
we have ever known and reach our ultimate Potential") and to begin sharing
this vision to a greater degree. However, I want to be mindful of the fact
that this term attempts to marry with yours (extropy.org) which has been
far more established and is, of course, more technologically-oriented.

It would be very helpful for me if I could bring this proposal up for
discussion in a forthright and preemptive manner and receive some feedback.
It is a cause I will be championing for many years into the future and wish
to find a cooperative spirit rather than a conflicting one. Please advise
if this choice of wording seems to muddy the waters with that which has
been established or could find a place within the greater context.

I can prepare and provide additional context for this proposal as necessary.


@Aforce01 (Twitter)
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