[ExI] Bergson and Einstein are still debating the nature of time and change

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> I don't see decoherence as being any more necessary than collapse in
> Everett's MWI. If one posits the existence of all possible Everett
> branches, all completely superdetermined, the result would be
> indistinguishable from what we observe. With all randomness
> attributable completely to our ignorance of which of the infinite
> Everett branches we reside in. This view also seems to corroborate the
> Wheeler-Dewitt equation which implies that the total energy and
> information of the multiverse as a whole is unchanging and therefore
> cannot be said to experience time at all.
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Quantum Bayesianism claims that MWI is meaningless.
The Many Worlds Interpretation just boils down to this: Whenever a
coin is tossed (or any process occurs) the world splits. But who would
know the difference if that were not true? What does this vision have
to do with any of the details of physics?




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