[ExI] COVID-19 has now killed more Americans than Chinese

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Wed Apr 1 11:20:40 UTC 2020

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*> Note that if the incessant political whining were to ever actually
> cease, John could face defeat and even disqualification from the regional
> Incessant Political Complaining competition, for failing to meet the
> “Incessant” requirement, explicitly spelled out in the rules.*

Yeah, that's whiny old John Clark complaining and overreacting about
trivial stuff like 770  Americans dying of COVID-19 yesterday alone. And as
you point out, John Clark is arrogant too, but at least he's not as
arrogant as some who think they understand how diseases can spread and grow
exponentially better than every expert epidemiologist in the nation (if not
the world) and insist that early testing is not vitally important.

John K Clark
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