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>... Are not Taiwan and China peopled by the same race? Does not the left
understand that race is a genetic thing while politics is memetic?  Stuart


Stuart, the concept of race was once thought to be genetic, but it generally
isn't now.  We have found ways to stretch the definition of the term "race"
to include nationalities, religions, economic classes and even philosophies.
I like the new way better, for it makes race a choice.  We live in times
when gender has become a choice, when that is very clearly genetic (every
diploid person is either XX or XY.)

With modern DNA tests, we have discovered that race cannot be determined
unambiguously by even a complete DNA sequence.

So... we have introduced such concepts as Hispanic as a race, but does not
necessarily include all people born in... Spain.  Figure that one out.

After doing the commercial 60 dollar DNA test, I discovered I am 1/32
African American.  None of us even knew.  But we traced it back and found
where it came from (an apparent rape during the Civil War.)  So now I can
continue to present as white if I wish, or otherwise.  For me, and for most
people who have their DNA results in hand, race is a choice.  

The 2020 census will have me as multi-racial and gender unknown (how the
heck should I know what gender I am (I feel like a man (and people tell me I
am a man (what what about deep inside?  (for we live in times when a
person's true gender cannot be determined in a nudist colony while he or she
is in the process of giving birth (and perhaps I am not sufficiently in
touch with my inner innerness (ya never really know.))))))

Gender is now a choice, and race certainly has been for a long time.


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