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Congratulations!  You are just like the character in Sinclair Lewis'
Kingsblood Royal, who discovered he is 1/32 black.  Despite being
red-headed and freckled, he was scorned by society after that fact is
discovered.  Nobel Prize   More trivia.  bill w

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> >... Are not Taiwan and China peopled by the same race? Does not the left
> understand that race is a genetic thing while politics is memetic?  Stuart
> LaForge
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> Stuart, the concept of race was once thought to be genetic, but it
> generally
> isn't now.  We have found ways to stretch the definition of the term "race"
> to include nationalities, religions, economic classes and even
> philosophies.
> I like the new way better, for it makes race a choice.  We live in times
> when gender has become a choice, when that is very clearly genetic (every
> diploid person is either XX or XY.)
> With modern DNA tests, we have discovered that race cannot be determined
> unambiguously by even a complete DNA sequence.
> So... we have introduced such concepts as Hispanic as a race, but does not
> necessarily include all people born in... Spain.  Figure that one out.
> After doing the commercial 60 dollar DNA test, I discovered I am 1/32
> African American.  None of us even knew.  But we traced it back and found
> where it came from (an apparent rape during the Civil War.)  So now I can
> continue to present as white if I wish, or otherwise.  For me, and for most
> people who have their DNA results in hand, race is a choice.
> The 2020 census will have me as multi-racial and gender unknown (how the
> heck should I know what gender I am (I feel like a man (and people tell me
> I
> am a man (what what about deep inside?  (for we live in times when a
> person's true gender cannot be determined in a nudist colony while he or
> she
> is in the process of giving birth (and perhaps I am not sufficiently in
> touch with my inner innerness (ya never really know.))))))
> Gender is now a choice, and race certainly has been for a long time.
> spike
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