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I am with Keith.  Take the average black person and average white person:
there are dozens of differences between them - ask any anatomist or
physiologist.  Now it could be that, like us and chimps, there are far more
similarities than there are differences.  But to say that those two people
are the same is very ignorant.

bill w

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> > Stuart, the concept of race was once thought to be genetic, but it
> generally
> isn't now.
> That's really silly.  We can distinguish race and measure the average
> differences between races.  We know where some of those differences
> came from, there was intense selection in the UK over a 400 year
> period for the psychological traits that led to wealth.  I think this
> happened widely in northwest Europe, Clark thinks the same selection
> happened in China and Japan, less intense but for a longer time.
> Not that this means much in the long term as humans get control of
> their DNA, but it does explain a lot of the present situations
> worldwide as the outcome of intense genetic selection.
> Keith
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