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>>... Stuart, the concept of race was once thought to be genetic, but it 
> generally
isn't now.

>...That's really silly.  We can distinguish race and measure the average
differences between races.  We know where some of those differences came
from, there was intense selection in the UK over a 400 year period for the
psychological traits that led to wealth.  I think this happened widely in
northwest Europe, Clark thinks the same selection happened in China and
Japan, less intense but for a longer time.

>...Not that this means much in the long term as humans get control of their
DNA, but it does explain a lot of the present situations worldwide as the
outcome of intense genetic selection.


Keith where I was going with that is when we hear a person was born this
gender but identifies as that one.  I am merely extending the notion
slightly.  We are all a mixture of races.  If you go back far enough we are
all Africans.  I know of no absolute criterion which dictates when we stop
being African.

However for a long time I identified as European, for I didn't know I was
part (recent) African.  Did the DNA test.  Now I know.  We know of people of
a particular genetic makeup who do not identify with others of similar DNA:
you might say something like "He's a Latino who identifies as white."  We
know what that is and what it looks like.  

So now I have the DNA results, I identify as a DNA-based African American
who culturally identifies as European.

By skilful use of logic, there is no logical system that we can't mess up.


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