[ExI] it's your choice

SR Ballard sen.otaku at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 23:37:27 UTC 2020

There is also the awkward point where you have to decide how many races there are.

If difference between races are both “obvious” and “non-trivial”, then this is simple. How many races are there?

“White” and “not white”? “White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Brown”? Is “Latino” a race? 

Are Japanese people and Indian people the same race? 

If I am (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British), (Russian, Belarusian), (Peruvian: Native and Spaniard), a tiny smidgen Blackfoot, and Israeli, am I White? Am I Latino? Am I Jewish? 

How “White” do you have to be to be white? How “Black” do you have to be to be black? Am I mixed race? Is Latino a race?

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