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I read awhile back (sorry excuse for not remembering my sources) that the
genetic diversity in a small pygmy village was greater than the
diversity in all of the U.S.  Aside from not knowing what to do with data
like this, it makes me wonder just what did happen to diversity among those
who left AFrica long ago.  bill w

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> William Flynn Wallace Wrote
>> > I am with Keith.  Take the average black person and average white
>> person:  there are dozens of differences between them… bill w
> True, but if you pick 2 chimpanzees at random you will find far greater
> genetic diversity between the chimps than with 2 humans picked at random.
> It's thought that for reasons that remain unclear the human population
> seems to have dropped to very low numbers about 80,000 years ago, perhaps
> to only a few hundred, and all of us are descendants of those survivors.
>  John K Clark
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