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> By skilful use of logic, there is no logical system that we can't mess up.

I.e., you know what you posted is BS.  I can't respond to that.


Keith, sensa huma, me lad.  We know how race is used in our modern world,
but at some point we must recognize that we moderns are in a rather absurd
situation where gender is a choice but race is not.  Clearly everyone is a
mixture of races.  That one really is ambiguous.  A few of us (perhaps a
tenth of a percent) are genetically ambiguous gender (trisomy or ring
chromosome 13) but for everyone else, it is either XX or XY.

But most of us have ancestors from all over.  If you do just the 60 dollar
DNA test, you can see that, and if you have a friend interested in this
sorta thing, you can find out all kindsa cool stuff, including. most of us
are a mixture of what we are now calling races, which are multiplying daily
it seems.

So now we are in a society where men can compete in womens' sports, where
gender is a choice but one cannot change by choice from one's assigned race?
Indeed?  Of course we can.  Anything represented anywhere in our DNA is
among our choices.  I know of no rule that specifies we are always stuck
with the majority race found in our DNA, and know examples where people have
been assigned against their will to a trace of their DNA content.

Are we really now in a place where gender is a choice but race is not?

I recommend that people do one of those DNA tests.  If you are concerned
with privacy, I can explain how to do those where the identity of the DNA
cannot be determined.


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