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My attitude is that my privacy is not important compared to helping
science.  (which you obviously already know about me, as I have mentioned
weed, guns etc. in my posts).  Who is going to knock on my door and for

I not only did the test but I fill out every questionnaire they send me as
to my health, my parents' health and so on.  The more they can find
correlations between genes and health the better I say.

bill w

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> On 03/04/2020 18:22, spike wrote:
> I recommend that people do one of those DNA tests.  If you are concerned
> with privacy, I can explain how to do those where the identity of the DNA
> cannot be determined.
> Spike, how can that possibly work?
> We can't edit our DNA sample so as to only provide a set of sequences, and
> not the rest.
> And your DNA *is* your identity, how can it not be?
> Anyone who claims that they can 'anonymise' your DNA sample is probably
> lying, or even worse, doesn't understand what they are saying.
> The attachment of conventional identifiers like name, address, age, etc.,
> is trivial compared to the DNA itself, which is the best identifier there
> could ever be.
> There are way better biologists than me on this list. Can any of them
> demonstrate that I'm wrong here?
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