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On 03/04/2020 18:22, spike wrote:

I recommend that people do one of those DNA tests.  If you are concerned
with privacy, I can explain how to do those where the identity of the DNA
cannot be determined.

Spike, how can that possibly work?

Ben Zaiboc
Hi Ben,
What I meant was a way to purchase the kit using a third party, they buy the
kit on their card, then I show you how to register it without putting
anything identifying you by name, place, phone number, any of that.
Reason: if you sired children you don't know about, they can't find you.
I have helped several people that way, and registered the kits as my
dependent.  I now have at least one DNA file I do not know myself who used
it, and have no good way to find out.  I registered a kit, sent it to my
cousin to use on his granddaughter, but he died before he sent it, his
ex-wife ended up with it we think but something else happened and she didn't
have it anymore.  Then a coupla years later up shows this result and I don't
know who eventually used that kit, but it isn't my cousin's relative and I
haven't pursued figuring it out.
Whoever it is, I know her multiple nationalities.
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