[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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Mississippi just did, very reluctantly, but they exempted all shopping,
manufacturing, offices.  Some hoax, right?  bill w

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> > Just finished reading The Week.  Two page story at the end about some
>> Republican followers in Louisiana who followed Trump and Hannity and
>> thought the whole thing was a hoax.  Then a guy comes down with it and is
>> on a machine to breath.  (I recommend that mag - $1 a week if worth it).  I
>> just cannot fathom how strongly political party affiliation leads people to
>> stupid ideas and myths and superstitions and paranoia.
> Speaking of stupid, the Republican governor of Georgia Brian Kemp said he
> didn't issue a stay at home order for everybody in his state until
> yesterday because he didn't know until yesterday that somebody could spread
> COVID-19 without showing any symptoms of being sick! Twelve states still
> haven't issued stay at home orders and every one of then has a Republican
> governor. And stupidity is killing people.
>  John K Clark
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