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> *>>…*Remember, those tens of millions of people may not have a job or
>> savings or insurance or hope but they do have guns….
> *> That should put the second amendment debates to bed for good.*

At this point my primary concern is not how to preserve the second
amendment or even the constitution, it's how to preserve civilization. And
I don't see how you expect to do that in the middle of a global pandemic
with tens of millions of armed people with no income no savings no
insurance and as a result no health care. If that isn't a recipe for a
revolution I don't know what is, and very very few armed revolutions end up
as well as the one in 1776 did.

And speaking of the Revolutionary War, about 8,000 Americans died in it,
and on Sunday April 5 at 13:01 GMT 8,454 Americans have died from COVID-19
since March 1. And the number of deaths is still doubling every 3 days.

> > *Without Easter services, plenty of churches may fold.*

I predict that on Easter some churches will still be "packed", but I don't
predict it will be "beautiful".

John K Clark
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