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>>…Remember, those tens of millions of people may not have a job or savings or insurance or hope but they do have guns….


> That should put the second amendment debates to bed for good.


>…At this point my primary concern is not how to preserve the second amendment or even the constitution, it's how to preserve civilization… John K Clark



The second amendment preserves itself (and the other rights.)


Note that war has been fought on American soil twice, and the good guys won both times.  The difference between then and now is that the good guys have waaaay more advantages than they did either of the other two times.


I have seen what looks like an important lesson for civilization: do not depend on help from a distant bureaucracy which has already been at war with itself for well over three years and isn’t anywhere near a truce.  Focus on the nearby resources, community efforts, food banks, city and county level organizations which are not battling themselves for power but are using their power and influence effectively.


If the distant bureaucracy wants to help, the clumsy distribution of money isn’t the right thing.  They should give to suppliers to enable them to give out food directly from the trucks.  That would keep the unprepared out of immediate danger.  1200 bucks will go a looooong ways if it goes for canned goods and durable storable dense-calorie food items, and never mind the damn TP.  Our grandparents did without it.


Fun parting note: voluntary unemployment is sudden zero point zero.  Anyone who wants a job or even wants to volunteer, can go down to the local grocer, pack boxes for home delivery.  Anyone with a car can take boxes around to neighborhoods.  The local grocers have unmet demand for home delivery but not enough people, not neeeearly enough people to box and haul it.  You will not get rich off of this (even I haven’t figured out a way to cash in bigtime, not yet I haven’t) but the suddenly unemployed have an option if they really need it or feel charitable.






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