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>…Death via facepalm, anyone?




Adrian, thanks for keeping a sensa huma in a tragic time, me lad.  It promotes sanity.


When we were discussing earlier societal breakdown and chaos, one’s attention is drawn to those places where societal breakdown and chaos already existed before the crisis, such as the south side of Chicago (the baddest part of town) where they can’t afford paper targets so they use real ones.  I am told the murder rate is down, but that it cannot necessarily be attributed to the quarantine.  Might be random fluctuation or that the surrounding areas are buying up all the ammo.


I am surprised more people are not sharing observations about how their community is coping.  I am pleasantly surprised by mine.  The school is stepping up to the task, the support structure for the poor seems to be working, life mostly goes on.  My bride cut up some pillowcases and made reusable surgical masks.  We are eating up the failed food in our house, as I can confidently speculate plenty of other local proles are doing likewise.  The trucks are still rolling in with supplies and life-sustaining TP.  Life goes on.


If you have local observations, do share please.  Are your neighborhoods staying sane?  Are your schools OK?  Are the hungry being fed?  Are the naked being clothed?  (If not, do specify offlist your location please, or send photos.)








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