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>…I am happy to report that the naked are not being clothed…


What, no photos?  We want EVIDENCE!  


Cool, that’s the spirit, lad.


>…Failed food?  Is that akin to used food? 


No, it is stuff you bought a long time ago when you went to the grocery store hungry, looked good at the time, you came home, gobbled the fried chicken, then the exotic stuff  doesn’t look so good and was never devoured, but was pushed to the back of the cabinet behind the cream of celery and forgotten.


Working with the food bank and from experimentation with my own failed food, I already know the sell-by date on canned food is irrelevant.  That stuff can be years old and be indistinguishable from fresh.  I am not kidding: see if you can find a 5 yr old can or something back there, try it.  I found some canned peaches that were over 10 yrs old.  Nothing wrong with them.



>…Aren't the chefs in SF doing something newsworthy?  Seems I saw something in the NYT about them the other day…


I don’t know BillW.  I didn’t employ them before and haven’t taken it up since.  I don’t think the people working behind the counter at Taco Bell, Burger King and KFC qualify as chefs, or if so, I know of nothing newsworthy.  They are still handing their product out the window as before.



>…Since the gov's order, streets are bare - a few people in masks, flaunting the laws against wearing masks.  Robbers welcome in stores..Gloves rare.  Tp isle bare.  Cooking out of the freezer mainly - black beans and rice today w/ Italian sausage (no andouille available).  bill w   


Streets are mostly bare here too, as many proles think it is illegal go outdoors.  It isn’t, but plenty of the locals think it is.  So… I am lonely out there, which is perfectly OK with me.  I am determined to devour every morsel of food in my home before I return to the merchants.  So far so good.



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