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>  >> Do you and does anyone have any idea how to get rid of the gridlock
>> and hostility in D.C.? bill w
> *> Why would we want to? *

To slow down the death doubling time and perhaps save civilization.

> *>it doesn’t much matter which yahoos are running the show. *

I've been hearing that line all my life and I have concluded it just
doesn't fit the facts, and so I must reject your theory because my only
loyalty is to the scientific method.

*> That also frees up money for the state and local level governments,*

If there is one thing that requires a national response it's an
epidemic because the virus does not respect state borders, but we don't
have coordinated leadership or any sort of strategy in dealing with this so
we get 50 stated bidding against themselves and driving up the price of
medical supplies and absurd pictures like this one because one Florida
county has closed the beaches while a neighboring county has not:


Even at this late date 8 governors have STILL not issued stay at home
orders, all 8 are Republicans of course because Republicans have pretty
much cornered the market on concentrated stupidity. The President has not
issued a national stay at home polacy either, and if you knew nothing else
about him that alone would be enough information to correctly guess his
political party.

 John K Clark
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