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>…If there is one thing that requires a national response it's an epidemic because the virus does not respect state borders…


Indeed?  You mean every government in the world didn’t do it wrong?  I was told this was the fault of government.


>…but we don't have coordinated leadership or any sort of strategy…


The US Constitution intentionally distributes power, and it maintains power at the state and local level.  The Federal government does what it can do.  But it is limited.  They can close national borders.


>…Even at this late date 8 governors have STILL not issued stay at home orders, all 8 are Republicans…


Campaign opportunity!


>… of course because Republicans…


Campaign opportunity!


>… The President


Campaign opportunity!


>… has not issued a national stay at home policy…


To issue such an order requires POTUS to declare martial law.  There are some disadvantages to doing that.


>… correctly guess his political party.  John K Clark


John you should run for office.  You are retired now, and the virus is handing you the opportunity.  Never let a crisis go to waste.  Failing to make an opportunity of a tragedy is a tragedy.





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