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Most of my life I have known about the American Japanese being rounded up and put in camps during WWII   bill w



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If they could just, not steal all their land that would have been cool though.


The reason for these attacks is very obvious, they are being encouraged to via the media they watch.

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They didn’t steal all their land.  In some areas such as San Jose, the authorities and neighbors carefully protected the Japantown area, which is that neighborhood adjacent to and NNW of San Jose State U.  There were Chinese gangs around there.  The local constabulary let the Chinese gangs know that if they went in there while the residents were away, they would assume the interlopers were Japanese and would send them to one of the internment camps.


When the residents returned, they expected their homes would be wrecked and ransacked.  They returned and were amazed to find things exactly as they left them.  In some cases, a volunteers had come in and tidied up the lawns and gardens.


Certainly things didn’t go as well for all Japanese, but I did have an interesting experience.  I am a big fan of Japanese culture and for a while toyed with Buddhism about 30 yrs ago.  I had several colleagues who were Buddhist.  The temple had an annual Obon festival, so I volunteered to help.  They were going to try an experiment that year: have the men making the Udon, so I volunteered to do that.


Tells ya what, that was a grand adventure and I wish to write about that under a separate title for it is a story worth telling, but drifts off the topic.


My colleague’s family was 10 sons, 2 daughters.  He was the youngest, age 7 when they were sent to the camp.  When they returned, they still owned the rice field which was just north of SR 237 in Alviso, but they owed four years of taxes on it, so they sold the land, which is the site north and east of the Los Esteros power plant where the Microsloth facility is now planned.  They let that go, but the family prospered in the San Jose State U area.


The reason I mentioned the Obon Festival is that former mayor Norm Mineta showed up, who was one of those from that neighborhood.  My colleague, Mineta and several others started sharing their experiences while in the camp, and it changed my whole outlook.  I had imagined it like a Nazi concentration camp, but it wasn’t that at all, not even close.  I was astonished to hear these men describe what sounded to me like they had the time of their lives there.




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