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Mon Apr 6 15:29:13 UTC 2020

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 10:20 AM <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

> >>…If there is one thing that requires a national response it's an
> epidemic because the virus does not respect state borders…
> *> Indeed? *

Yes indeed.

> *You mean every government in the world didn’t do it wrong?*

I mean some governments handled this crisis in ways that were less wrong
than others, South Korea for example. And I mean, with the possible
exception of Belarus, no nation has managed this crisis in a way that was
more wrong than the USA.

>>…we don't have coordinated leadership or any sort of strategy…
> *>The US Constitution intentionally distributes power, and*

And that's why on December 7 1941 Franklin Roosevelt, a wartime president
just like Donald (Captain Bonespurs) Trump, said "*the only thing we have
to fear is bad radio ratings" and told North Dakota *"*Good luck in
building battleships, as you go into harm's way I'll be standing right next
to you,... in spirit*".

*> it maintains power at the state and local level.  The Federal government
> does what it can do. *

The Federal government could have placed the nation on a wartime footing by
mid January and started building ventilators and virus test kits that
actually worked on a massive scale, but nothing even close to this actually
happened, and so the Democratic hoax virus spread uncontrollably. If Trump
is a wartime president as he claims then he had lost the war by February 1.

>>… it has not issued a national stay at home policy…
> *> To issue such an order requires POTUS to declare martial law.  There
> are some disadvantages to doing that.*

No state has declared martial law but 42 have nevertheless issued stay at
home orders, and the Federal government wouldn't need martial law to do the

> *> John you should run for office.  You are retired now, and the virus is
> handing you the opportunity. *

That would never work in a million years. I have a tendency to say what I
think and a politician can have no greater flaw.

 John K Clark
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