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What's the difference between urging people to stay home, which several of the Repub governors who have not issued an order have done, and issuing an order to do so?


There is no way in Heaven or Hell to enforce such an order.


The difference is that if the governor tells them to stay home, more people will take the situation seriously than if they are just urged to do so.


This difference will cost lives.


bill w




There are strict limits to what a state government has the authority to do.  If the constables pull someone over for being out for a joy ride, they need to find some legal violation on which to write a ticket.  If that is endangering public safety, it likely won’t hold up in court if they were not at a gathering.  One cannot spread a virus while alone in one’s car.


I find it possibly more alarming than the virus that so many Americans assume the government has the authority to order them to do anything.  The federal government has very little legal authority for influencing the behavior of the citizens (by careful design.)  Executive orders do not apply to me, since I am not part of the presidential cabinet.  Orders to move anywhere do not apply to me since I am not in the military (only the well-regulated militia.)  


The states may pass laws contradictory to federal law (California drug and immigration law for instance.)  The states may strongly recommend that people stay home, but when it comes to enforcement, it isn’t clear how that would be done.


I go out walking every day.  None of the local constables has stopped for a chat.  They wave and go on their way, as do I.  If I am walking, I cannot be required to produce ID or provide an address.  Governments advise, but generally cannot command the citizens.


Fortunately most people are reasonable.






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