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>From This Is True;

“This is not my expertise,” admitted Daniel Reardon, 27, a astrophysics
research fellow at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Vic., Australia.
“It’s just something I was working on in my spare time.” His idea was to
come up with a way to actively remind people not to touch their faces,
which can lead to COVID-19 infections. To do that, he designed a necklace
with circuitry coupled with bracelets with strong neodymium magnets, and
when the necklace detects the wrist-worn magnets, an alarm sounds. “But I
had problems when I stupidly attached these magnets” to his nose, and they,
“of course were attracted to each other across my nose and pinched
together.” Further experiments resulted in several inside his nose — and he
couldn’t get them out. He ended up in the emergency room. “I had two
doctors working on me,” he said: “one doctor in each nostril.” They got the
magnets out and sent Dr. Reardon on his way.

Same source:  two newborns in India; Corona and Covid

bill w
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