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The higher up the person who tells them to do something the more they will
believe it.  Some will believe that they will get into trouble if they
don't follow the order even though as I said they could not enforce it.

In the Canadian city where I live there is a provincial order not to be out
for any reason than a job in an essential industry or going to the
grocery store.
or pharmacy. You can be fined for being in a park, or being in the
immediate vicinity of anyone else for extended periods.. There is a high
degree of compliance, but some are now now saying  that the provincial
orders are an overreaction and  COVID-19  is not as infectious or as deadly
as other diseases and no worse than the seasonal flu. On the occasions I've
run across this particular attitude I've discovered that these ideas are
cemented in, and no amount of proffered information will dislodge them. I
think the only thing keeping people like this, and there are more of them
in my experience every day, are the provincial orders. I agree with
Spike--and Benjamin Franklin--when he (Franklin) wrote that bit about those
sacrificing liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both. But
Franklin had never lived in a time when the human race was trying to
real-time control a pandemic through technology and social engineering.

To balance that statement out, here is an interesting article that came out
here in in Canada  yesterday about "force drift" and the danger to civil
liberties in Canada during the crisis.


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