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All of what you said is true, I suppose, but it misses the point.  The point is what people believe.  The higher up the person who tells them to do something the more they will believe it.  Some will believe that they will get into trouble if they don't follow the order even though as I said they could not enforce it.  All a person would have to do is say they are on their way to the grocery store. (or in MS any store).  As it is, some will go out and catch the virus when they would have stayed home per the governor's order.


bill w




Sure BillW, but I do recommend an alternative: tell the truth and remind the constable of her legal obligations.  She is not free to enforce a law that does not exist.


If you wish, you can always tell the constable you were heading toward a gun shop, for there is one of those in any direction you choose, and some are specialty shops.


We must be very careful about assuming over powers to the state which it does not have.  


Trading away freedom for security will result in less of both.





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