[ExI] A puzzle

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Apr 7 12:45:26 UTC 2020

> It's possible that people may minimize many types of symptoms, and not
> just
> those of respiratory illness, to avoid uncomfortable considerations of
> physical health and interaction with the health care system. I wonder, on
> the other end of the spectrum, how many asymptomatic hypochondriacs are
> showing up at testing centers and emergency departments? I've had a half
> dozen  20 minute phantom sore throats in the last month.

You've had sore throats, I've had headaches. I am convinced mine were
tension headaches, as they came on during the day as I read the news. 
Could feel my neck and shoulders getting tense and hunched.  Went away
completely during the night. So I quit reading the news (and the frantic
negative posts) and that took care of the problem.

Here it is coming into major allergy season.  Whoopee!


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