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>>…What I am doing is envisioning a new normal where people generally don’t do the high-luxury stuff nearly as much…spike

>…Lotsa luck getting people to lower their standards of living voluntarily.  What you describe would appear to most folks as what went on in the Depression (which was far worse, but they don't know that).  If people can afford luxuries, they will buy them - ditto all the other things you mention.

Most people out there are not minimalists like you , Spike.

bill w



Of course.  I am not suggesting any form of personal austerity would be voluntary.  I am envisioning people who once worked in businesses much more in demand (higher end restaurants for instance) transitioning in to fill a much greater need that pays less (boxing groceries for delivery.)

Perhaps one of the biggest transitions will be dependent on one’s debt load.  I have always considered it a very bad idea to carry debt beyond what is necessary.  Carrying debt bets on the future being like the past.  That works, right up until it suddenly doesn’t.  But the lender still wants and fully expects her regular payment in full on time even if your salary suddenly dropped to half what it was before.


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