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Wed Apr 8 16:44:23 UTC 2020

My wife and I feel really protected:  Medicare is not going under; my
pension is not going under; I have no debt other than a mortgage.  It would
take massive changes in our economy to alter any of that.  I do feel for
people who are out of work.  In other countries,like Britain, people who
are off are guaranteed their jobs back.  Not here.

BTW - online learning doesn't work well according to an article in the
Washington Post.  Over summer students lose large percentages of their math
skills, for one - called summer slide.

bill w

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> >>…What I am doing is envisioning a new normal where people generally
> don’t do the high-luxury stuff nearly as much…spike
> >…Lotsa luck getting people to lower their standards of living
> voluntarily.  What you describe would appear to most folks as what went on
> in the Depression (which was far worse, but they don't know that).  If
> people can afford luxuries, they will buy them - ditto all the other things
> you mention.
> Most people out there are not minimalists like you , Spike.
> bill w
> Of course.  I am not suggesting any form of personal austerity would be
> voluntary.  I am envisioning people who once worked in businesses much more
> in demand (higher end restaurants for instance) transitioning in to fill a
> much greater need that pays less (boxing groceries for delivery.)
> Perhaps one of the biggest transitions will be dependent on one’s debt
> load.  I have always considered it a very bad idea to carry debt beyond
> what is necessary.  Carrying debt bets on the future being like the past.
> That works, right up until it suddenly doesn’t.  But the lender still wants
> and fully expects her regular payment in full on time even if your salary
> suddenly dropped to half what it was before.
> spike
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