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>…  In other countries,like Britain, people who are off are guaranteed their jobs back.  Not here…


What happens in Britain if their former place of employment has gone out of business during the quarantine?  Plenty of US workers will find that is the case here.  I don’t see what the government can do for them.  There are plenty of new jobs opening up, but they don’t pay as well.



>…BTW - online learning doesn't work well according to an article in the Washington Post…


It depends on the student.  Some use the resources effectively, others use it as an extended vacation.  We are seeing both kinds here.


>…Over summer students lose large percentages of their math skills, for one - called summer slide.   bill w


Some students do.  Others move ahead smartly in all areas, particularly the ones they already know well and like.


During a period of online learning, the academically rich get rich and the poor get nothing.





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