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What does summer slide have to do with online learning? The best recommendation given for parents is just to keep kids using their skills over the summer — via online games or exercises for example.

SR Ballard


I have friends particularly in the math departments who will tell me how it is going.  One strategy for teachers is to double the work load in the hope that the students will do half of it.  Some will do all of it, and will charge ahead.  A math teacher friend of mine told me that she estimates as many as a third of her students are doing little to nothing.


There’s another signal I hope to extract: the benefit of having the school district ready to crank up on an hour’s notice.  Our district did, the surrounding districts did not.  They took two weeks to get going, some longer.  Once the students sat around with nothing to do for two or three weeks while their districts farted around tripping over themselves, many never really got started again.  


The notice of shutdown came out on a Friday.  Our district fired up and ran the following Monday.  They had piles of ChromeBooks ready to give out to any student who didn’t have his or her own computer, the free WiFi was already up and running before that.  


Now, when state wide testing happens next year, our lower-middle class district out here on the eastern edge of civilization is going to politely whoop aaassssss…





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