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>>…Now, when state wide testing happens next year, our lower-middle class district out here on the eastern edge of civilization is going to politely whoop aaassssss… spike


In what sense is your district middle class?  Compared to whom?

Compared to the neighbors in any direction.  One can go north and see nice upscale homes everywhere, high performing schools and so on.  To the south is the nicer areas of San Jose, comparable homes but higher value on Zillow.  To the west is the hills where there are few homes but what is there is specialty stuff: walled communities with a guard, rap star estates (such as the monstrosity MC Hammer built up there) and to the east is Santa Clara, with smaller but pricier homes generally.  

Out here we were once the slummy area.  But Mr. Musk came along and now we aren’t anymore.  He started importing Indian engineers to build his electric cars.  They transformed the place.  Our town is very different now compared to a decade ago.


  What would it be if it were here?  Lower upper?  BillW

I don’t know BillW.  I am not sure how to answer that.  It is different in many ways.  I remember how hard it was to get a job when I grew up in rural Florida.  Here aaaaanybody who can show up on time can get a minimum wage job and work as many hours as they wish.  They can’t fill all the openings.  Jobs go undone.  The big need right now is for people who will fill boxes with groceries for home delivery.  Can’t get em.


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