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The USA has blown Italy out of the water to claim the undisputed number one position not only in the number of COVID-19 cases but in the number of deaths produced by it too with 21,668. Italy is now a distant second with 19,899 deaths.


 John K Clark




The USA has more Covid-19 deaths than that ship where they had the early outbreak.  


The USA has more Covid-19 deaths than my state as well, and way more than my town.


Of course Italy has suffered over five times the C-19 death rate per capita compared to the USA, but we don’t talk about per capita, for that would be politically inconvenient, ja?  It suggests something is wrong with Italy: about twice the number of cases per capita but about five times the per capita mortality. 


We still don’t know how many deaths being called C-19 deaths are due to C-19 rather than those deaths where people have it or are presumed to have it identified as C-19 for insurance purposes. 


I suggest we wait until after the data is all in, then compare mortality rates compared to background.





(…stand by for shrieky rebuttal to above…)

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