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*> Of course Italy has suffered over five times the C-19 death rate per
> capita compared to the USA, but we don’t talk about per capita,*

The race between Italy and the US is far from over and the death rate for
Italy is only doubling every 3 weeks but for the US it's every 5 days. And
of course the US has suffered about 20 times the C-19 death rate per capita
as compared to China despite the fact that is where it all started, and its
lead over both countries is growing FAST.

Oh and that number of 21,668 deaths in the US that I quoted way back in the
olden days of 35 minutes ago is now out of date, the new number as of 20:11
GMT is that C-19 has produced 21,952 dead bodies in the US.

 John K Clark
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